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Sovini Property Services (Value: £5m)

Sovini Property Services (Value: £5m)

We run a fully-managed service for Sovini Property Services (SPS), with supply of over 2,000 products for all the works carried out by SPS, including bathrooms, kitchens, day-to-day repairs and central heating.We provide a full van stock offer, deliveries to site for all investment works and sourcing of new products as and when required.Our online Webtrack solution allows the customer to raise their orders online for all pre-planned works.We also offer delivery service for all pre-planned works including bathrooms, kitchens and central heating.To maintain our high levels of service quality, we have regular meetings with the customer to ensure satisfaction with the services provided.Steven Parker, Head of Operations at Sovini Property Services, said: “We have been proud to work in partnership with Sovini Trade Supplies and are inspired by their innovative approach and use of technology to meet their developing business needs.

Their willingness to change and be flexible and continually improve the way they provide services ensures our business can meet its client demands and time restraints.

This has resulted in cost savings and performance enhancements in our service offering over the last three years. Our relationship continues to develop, advance and thrive and we look forward to working closely with Sovini Trade Supplies in the future.”

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